Mulch is more than a decorative cover for your garden beds. Whether you use natural materials, like bark and pine straw, or plain landscaping fabric or plastic, mulch is working to improve the quality of the soil and protect your plants. EDS Landscape Supply offers fast delivery of mulch to your residential or commercial outdoor projects throughout Houston, Kemah, Katy, TX and surrounding cities.

Black Mulch

Black Mulch

Red Mulch

Red Mulch

Native Hardwood Mulch

Native Hardwood Mulch

Pine Bark Mulch

Pine Bark Mulch

black bag mulch
red bag mulch
garden soil
Potting Soil

***Please note: The pictures above will not be identical to the mulch available for purchase. Each stone can vary greatly and that is why we encourage our clients to come to their closest EDS Landscape Supply location to see the exact mulch available for purchase.

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