E.D.S. Landscaping builds only custom water features to our clients specifications. The Water feature on display in our showroom is to big for most homes, however, it is a great example of what we can build. With over 60,000 lbs. of rock and a pump system that is capable of 20,000 gallons a minute, this waterfall provides great sound and viewing of a 7' water drop and over 200 feet of streams.

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Sometimes, due to limited space, we can not build a rock waterfall to create proper sound. We can engineer a system to shoot water jets vertically in the air giving the client a visual aspect as well as creating a pleasant sound. In the picture to the right, a container garden fountain will make any flower bed more attractive.

As seen in this piture when a client wants a water feature in the middle of a stamped concrete patio, we will find a way to make it work. The photo to the left shows a water feature where we had to bore a vertical hole under the base and used a Sidewalk Sleever to pull a water line and electricity underground and to the side of the patio. The client now has a switch for the electricity and a valve for the water all out of sight and we did not cut or damage any of the stamped concrete.

Because we have our own materials yard, we are able to meet with clients to pick out the types of rock they are interested in from 3,000 lbs. boulders to accent rocks and gravel. With a fully stocked nursery, we can show you the plants we intend to use in your design.

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The water feature below was built with rock from
Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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Below is a perfect example of this. Our business sign is a pondless water feature that sprays two 3,500 gpm jets into the air and has a waterfall on both sides of the sign. When in operation, it is nearly impossible to drive by and not notice.

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Everyone loves water features and they can be used for entertainment as well as attracting attention.