Irrigation Installation

E.D.S. Landscaping is a Texas licensed irrigation designer and installer through the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). Our license number is LI0011359. We do all our own irrigation installations which allows you to call us directly for warranty and repairs. We use only commercial grade components and design the irrigation systems with water conservation in mind. All our systems come complete with a wireless rain sensor to keep the sprinkler system from coming on during periods of bad weather.

Considering that over 90 percent of a irrigation system is buried underground, it is imperative to use a company that is capable of doing it right the first time. Please review our Top 10 Questions to ask a potential irrigation installer.

When we install an irrigation system we pull all appropriate permits and have all necessary inspections to make sure that you receive a system that meets all state and city requirements. E.D.S. will also have all utilities marked before any digging. We hand dig mostly all our residential jobs to keep damage to the yard, trees and underground pipes to a minimum. Companies that use trenchers generally find it to late to stop digging when cables and pipes are found.

Irrigation Repair

Authorized Installer of Rain Bird and Hunter Products

Irrigation Repair
Irrigation Repair

French Drain System

Irrigation Service & Repair

E.D.S. Landscaping is a full service irrigation repair & service company licensed in the state of Texas. We can help you with any of your residential or commercial needs from a broken pipe to a system that will not turn on. Our employees are in uniform and trained to respect your property. Many times we can even solve technical problem over the phone at no charge to you. Call the office and ask for Jim, he can walk you thru the problem and suggest a possible fix.

Ask The Contractor

Top Ten Things to ask your irrigation company before accepting a bid

1. Are you a state licensed installer and what is your liscence number?

Answer: Yes, Number 11369
(The main waterline at the meter must be tapped into and a backflow device must be installed, only licensed individuals can do this).

2. Are you going to pull a permit from the city?

Answer: Yes
(Without a permit, the homeowner and the contractor are in jeopardy of receiving fines from the city. Also, at completion of the job, the city must inspect the work to certify that the system is sound and will not contaminate the city water supply).

3. Will you call “Lone Star Notification” before digging to mark underground lines such as PHONE, gas, cable and electricity?

Answer: Yes
(Although it is hard not to cut cable and phone lines even when they are marked, calling this service takes some of the liability off the homeowner and contractor.)

4. Will you keep the Flower beds and the grass areas on different zones?

Answer: Yes
(Grass areas generally need more watering time. By keeping these areas seperated, you save on water.)

5. Will you install swing joints on all the heads or attach the heads directly to the pipe?

Answer: Yes - swing joints.
(A swing joint is a device that allows the head to be moved 360 degress as well as up and down. Over time, all spray heads will need to be adjusted due to soil movement. If they are fixed to the pipe, the head must be removed from underground and a new extension must be placed between the pipe and the head. With swing joints, you simply pull the head up to the desired spot, which can easily be done by any homeowner with little to no digging).

6. Will you be installing a rain Sensor?

Answer: Yes

7. Will the rain sensor be wireless?

Answer: Yes
(Although all rain sensors work the same way, rain sensors that are not wireless generally require bringing wires out of the ground to the roof to set the sensor. With wires coming out of the ground, you run a risk of weedeaters and animals cutting them and disabling the device. The rain sensor is responsible for automaticaly turning the system off when there has been rain.

8. Will you install adjustible spray nozzels?

Answer: Yes
(These nozzels allow future adjustment as the flower beds change.)

9. If we have any questions or problems, will you be around to consult or supply warranty work?

Answer: Yes,
E.D.S landscaping has been in business for 13 years and has a 11 acre facility in league city. (many of the calls that we receive for servive are because the client cannot find the person who did their installation. Be careful using a company that has no physical address or advertises with a po box).

10. Will you show us how to operate the system and answer questions we may have in the future ?

Answer: Yes,
We will spend whatever time is needed at the end of the job to make sure you are comfortable operating the system. We will also be happy to answer any questions, over the phone, that pertain to the system for the life of the system.

We put these questions togeteher because most irrigation companys will tell you that they make more money doing repairs than they make doing installations. This is because some installers will use inferior products to keep the cost low but cause much more expense in the future. Make sure that the system is put in properly the first time. It is much harder to do all these additions after the pipes have been covered up.

Most companys charge the following for repairs:
$85.00 service call (minimum for 30 minutes)
$75.00 per hour plus materials

You can get a FREE estimate by going to our contact page and giving us a description of your needs.
Many times this can be done without an appointment and the estimate can be emailed directly to you.