E.D.S. Landscaping is League City's largest supplier of palletized & piece sod. Last year, we sold nearly 500,000 square feet of St. Augustine sod to local landscapers and homeowners. E.D.S. is a premier distributor of Champion Turf Farms. We can sell a single square or an entire truck load with 18 pallets.

Fresh Cut From The Farm

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1 square = approx. 16"x24"

1 pallet = approx. 450 square feet

Do Not Use Granular Fertilizer On New Sod!

It Can Burn It.

Only use liquid fertilizer for the first 4 weeks or until you see the new grass take root. We sell a wonderful product for new grass installations and it's super easy to use. Because the new grass has been on a pallet, it will be very "thirsty". By using a liquid fertilizer, the grass will absorb it quickly.

EDS Landscaping recomends Medina liquid lawn food.

* price subject to change