E.D.S. Landscaping has a great selection of discounted and affordable materials and garden selection

Plants, Trees, Flowers and More!

In our Bargain Garden everything is on sale. The plants, trees, and flowers here need some T.L.C. (tender, love and care). Providing a affordable option for you to be able take home and make part of your own garden.

Mixed Stones and Open Pallets!

Here you can go through a selection of extra materials from open pallets in our yard. This gives you the opportunity to add hardscape to your home or business at a discounted price.

Great Prices!

Because of our great pricing in our Bargain Garden our inventory is changing. You are always welcome to drop in and see what we have to offer at E.D.S. Landscaping. All the products we include in the Bargain Garden are always on Sale.

EDS Landscaping recomends Medina liquid lawn food.